4. Peat for smoking malt (Click to enlarge)

9. Tasting the distillate (Click to enlarge)

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12. Tasting awesome Bowmore (Click to enlarge)

Our fabulous insgight into Single Malts happened at the Laphroaig and Morrison Bowmore Distilleries. Many thanks to the management for allowing us in.

Here's more information on how single malts are crafted. 

2. Germinating barley (Click to enlarge)

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8. Spirit Safe (Click to enlarge)

7. Copper Stills (Click to enlarge)

Quality Single Malts are not manufactured. Neither are they simply  fermented and distilled. In my view its more of an art rather than science. To me, Single Malts are created. They are crafted. Here's how....

3. Turning the malt (Click to enlarge)

Isle of Islay, Scotland,

United Kingdom, 19-21 May 2011.

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10. Casks for maturing (Click to enlarge)

1. History of Laphroaig (Click to enlarge)

5. Washback (Click to enlarge)

6. Tasting the Wort (Click to enlarge)

11. Whisky maturing in casks (Click to enlarge)